Visit record of Rolex factory—- the most mysterious area of the superior clock

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1387614080095644116Final assembly of automatic disc

The production of the watch movement of the Rolex is different with the other watch brands. Before sending the watch movement to the headquarters , the movement of the watch of the Bill movement factory will be firstly sent to the COSC observatory to certify. The watch movement will be numbered , and finally installed on the automatic disc. This is the Rolex watch factory, which is really differ from the other watch.

At the past, the replica watches was criticized that the automated equipment usage is more than the use of human resource. However, after this interviews, this kind of criticism is not so real right. As matter of fact this kind of rumor can be broken in the reality. The assembly process of the Rolex watches mostly is not different with the other. As matter of fact, the parts of the Rolex are assembled by the watchmakers which the other watch factory will do the same kind of matter. But the most difference is that the Rolex is stricter than the others in each step of the watch assembly. For example the movement shell should be test by the waterproof before the installation, and the movement should also be tested by three testing procedures which are developed by the Rolex itself including the sealing and the precision, as well as the accuracy test after the installment; and then the automatic waterproof test : deepening, the pressure of 25% then the drying; and at last is the condensation test by a bottom cover heating to 60 degrees , which the all process is confirmed by the camera.

The accuracy test after the movement installment

The accuracy test after the movement installment is very necessary which is Rolex’s own developed test. After the movement is installed into the wrist watch, the process of the Rolex Datejust Replica watches accuracy is confirmed by the camera. Turning three rounds which should be a 24-hours round, and next, the accuracy of the watch is confirmed by the photography. Then the needle is turned to 27 minutes, and keeping stop for 6 hours. After the above tests, to test the 48-hours accuracy of the watch is also very necessary.